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  • Vitamin C

    British sailors often came down with scurvy on long voyages because they couldn’t get enough fresh fruits and vegetables to eat. Dr. James Lind discovered that by feeding the sailors lemons, limes, or oranges they would recover from this dreaded disease. The ingredient in the fresh fruit which caused this turnaround was vitamin C. Eventually […]

  • Acidophilus

    Humans are normally expected to receive a lifetime supply of friendly bacteria at birth, but due to the prevalence of antibiotics in the last few decades, the mother is not usually able to provide this.

  • Capsicum (Cayenne Pepper)

    How many of us give the – chili pepper the respect it deserves? More often than not, most of us regard red pepper or Capsicum as nothing more than the spice added to give Cajun and Mexican cuisine is piquant kick.

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